Is Shadow IT Threatening Your Business? April 7, 2020

Do you know about a potential threat that could be exposing your organization to risks and even drag vital business functions down without you even knowing it? Shadow IT are information technology systems used within organizations without explicit organizational approval or oversight from the company’s corporate IT function. This can mean a variety of unauthorized systems that are being deployed by individuals and departments other than your IT department. A study showed a whopping 71% of employees are using apps not sanctioned by IT.   What are common Shadow IT practices? •Unauthorized applications used by users within the organization •Enterprise…

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Why Healthcare Delivery Organizations Are Investing in Telehealth during COVID-19 Crisis March 20, 2020

In the world of digital, the speed of communication is faster than ever, and it’s no different for video conferencing. Telehealth enables patients to use video solutions remotely from the comfort of their own home, removing the need to visit a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital.   A report by the American Hospital Association stated technologies such as Telehealth can help health systems combat professional shortages in hospitals. "Labor is the largest single cost for most hospitals, and the workforce is essential to the critical mission of providing life-saving care," the report noted. “Although there are challenges, there are also…

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