I am pleased and impressed with the level of service your firm provides. We added several departments and added quarterly passcode changes. We really appreciate the fact that you take great care of us.

We needed a better conferencing solution so we contacted Syntela. Not only did they propose a solution that works perfectly for us it provides sizable savings for us each month. Working with Syntela couldn’t be easier. Syntela is a great company that is based right here in Syracuse to partner with for your communication needs.

As far as I am concerned, the only place to do long-distance Video Depositions or important legal meetings is the Syntela Office at 250 S. Clinton St. in Syracuse. The video software is state of the art and the use of the document platform is so easy to exhibit sharing during the deposition. Best of all, their team is attentive and helpful in their customer service role and making sure that everything goes smoothly. Syntela is the best for long-distance video depositions and meetings!

—John Cherundolo

Dino and his company are top-notch in every way. For the past ten years, he has been our go-to vendor for expert, cost-effective conferencing services. He and his team are customer first in every way and are the very best in the business bar none.
– Kevin Hulslander, Managing Partner

These stakeholder meetings have gone to a new level of professionalism since we brought in Syntela webinar technology.

You are the most responsive vendor we have anywhere in the country. No one completes our requests quicker than you.

There are dozens of departments across our campus that use your services and it has proven to be convenient and simple to use. When needed, customer support has been very responsive and helpful.