Syntela's customizable and secure solutions empower financial organizations.

Syntela meets the demands of the modern financial sector with secure conferencing solutions. We empower financial organizations to be more productive with our customizable solutions that’ll help you improve customer relations and your bottom line.

Secure and Scalable Video & Audio Conferencing
for Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions depend on Syntela for secure video and audio collaboration. Syntela provides a platform that allows you to meet and collaborate internally or externally anywhere in the world on a secure network.

Improve Customer Experience

Syntela provides trusted platforms to build authentic and strong relationships with your customers with video, web or audio technologies for your meetings. Give your customers the flexibility to meet where they want and how they want without having to travel to a specific, local branch.

  • Shrink sales cycles
  • Accelerate loan processing times
  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Reduce customer anxiety, deliver quick answers

Video When You Need It

Video When You Need It

Markets never sleep. When you need to respond quickly, video meetings can be arranged ad-hoc and from any location. Clients can join meetings simply and instantly via a web browser, with no downloads or plugins required.

Collaborate On Demand

Collaborate On Demand

Meet with customers to go over financial statements, bank statements or retirement accounts and make adjustments to capitalize on fast moving markets instantly or scheduled in a Syntela Buzz meeting so everyone is on the same page.

Use Existing Technology

Use Existing Technology

Many financial firms have already invested in video conferencing units in their conference rooms like Cisco & Poly. Syntela enables these technologies to connect with collaboration tools from Microsoft and Google for seamless communications.

Keep Your Workflows

Financial advisors don’t have to change anything to meet with their customers, meet like you always do, from your enterprise communication platforms whether it is your conference room video unit, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business or Google Hangouts Meet. Your customers don’t have to match your technology, they can simply join you from their favorite web browser on their laptop or join you from their mobile phone. Syntela makes it easy for all participants to join using the workflows they already know and prefer.

Video Call Center

Enrich your customer’s experience with high quality, customizable and intuitive next generation remote video communications. Seamlessly connect customers, financial specialists or support staff remotely so no matter what office or branch your customer is in they are receiving the answers they want and need from your designated financial specialists without having to staff every office or branch with these specialists.

Professional Investor Relations Calls & Events

Syntela delivers professional Operator Assisted or Enhanced Operator Assisted Call types for your high touch events or calls including investor relations calls, companywide announcements, and Board Meetings, to name a few. To deliver professional multimedia presentations, Syntela provides Dynamic Media Frame Streaming services for Investor Events, companywide CEO addresses or global new product introductions.